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Track Follower Count

Monitor your Mastodon account's follower growth and spot trends with instant comparisons against historical data. Make informed decisions and get some hard facts about the reach of your content.

Track Engagement

Track the engagement of your posts with metrics on replies, boosts, and favorites. Spot patterns and enhance engagement by analyzing performance against past periods.

Track Top posts

Discover your all-time and current top posts. Instantly identify the posts that generate the most boosts and engagement to understand your audience's preferences better.


Do I need my own instance or server?

No, you can use Analytodon with your account on any Mastodon instance. A list of Mastodon servers can be found here.
However, it can be benefitial to run your own server. You'll find more information on how to set up your own instance on this website.

Does Analytodon need access to my account?

Yes, Analytodon needs read-only access to your account to gather essential data, similar to what a Mastodon client on your smartphone might need, with a limited scope to only access your account and post information.

What data does Analytodon store on its servers?

Analytodon periodically fetches and stores data about your Mastodon account and public posts for analytics purposes. We do not store data about your followers or those you are following.

Can I self-host Analytodon?

Yes, absolutely! The source code for Analytodon is freely available. As of now there's no step by step guide on how to do that but you're invited to set up the service on your own or reach out if you need help.

Can I be tracked if I'm not using Analytodon?

No, we value privacy. Analytodon only monitors the accounts and posts of registered users. We do not provide information about specific individuals, followers or otherwise.

Do instance admins need to worry about Analytodon?

No, Analytodon minimizes its impact on user servers. However, if you're an admin with concerns or questions about Analytodon please have a look at the source code or reach out for more information.

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